For Utah, From Utah

  • Is This Why My Grandpa Served Overseas?

    A look at the end of the Jazz, stealing park signs, and why bobcats are superior to regular cats.

  • Game 7 Extravaganza: Bucks-Nets, Hawks-Sixers

    Nothing brings out emotion like the playoffs and nothing in the playoffs brings it out like Game 7. This weekend featured two Game 7s (Bucks vs Nets, Hawks vs Sixers) that gave fans everything: the razor thin margin between winning and losing; another great, lost performance of the playoffs; win...

  • StartMadness Finals

    See the top teams compete in the StartMadness finale and find out who takes home $250k.

  • When A Dog Eats A Corn Dog

    A look at love, dogs, pregnant runners, names of schools, and a partnership of epic proportions.

  • Jazz-Clips Game 5: Season On The Brink

    The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Utah Jazz 119-111 in Game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead. The highs of Game 1 were met by the lows of Game 5. No Kawhi. Jazz going 3/24 from 3 in the second half. Paul George dominating. Reggie Jackson closing. It's time for the Jazz to dig deep with a possible ...

  • Fireworks Cause Fires, Naps Cause Fights

    A look at scouting, young love, fireworks, fighting attorneys, and riding bulls for fun.

  • Madea goes to Hell

    Why did the trailer for "Battlefield 2042" drop during pride month? Who took that picture of Lorde's undercarriage? Did any of us foresee Kim Kardashian starring in the "Paw Patrol" movie? These questions are discussed + an interview with that one raffle guy on this week's "Why Tho?".

  • Finding Employees Who Will Stay

    Spherion is a recruiting franchise with offices in Utah and Idaho that helps potential employees and hiring companies connect with each other. John Eborn, Market Director for Spherion, stumbled into this career after discovering a passion for helping connect his friends with companies that could ...