Why Tho?

Why Tho?

Daniel & Allison interview folks on the street and discuss current events

Why Tho?
  • Confessions Part 2

    *Don't watch this if you're sensitive to poop stories*Allison and Daniel read the rest of the anonymous confessions sent to them via social media.

  • Confessions Part 1

    Daniel and Allison read the confessions sent to them on social media and offer unwanted advice.

  • The Vibe of the Week

    To start off the week, we asked our guests what the vibe of the week is.

  • What Makes a Good Kiss?

    After interviewing people about their worst kisses, we asked what makes a good kiss?

  • Trading Cards with Aaron Fitzner

    Aaron Fitzner stops in to tell us how he makes a living off of selling sports collectable trading cards, what makes them valuable and how to "keep your feet moving".

  • First/Worst Kissing Stories (Part 2)

    Nothing is more awkward than kissing, so we asked people WHY THO???

  • First:Worst Kissing Stories (Part 1)

    Nothing is more awkward than kissing, so we asked people WHY THO???

  • Madea goes to Hell

    Why did the trailer for "Battlefield 2042" drop during pride month? Who took that picture of Lorde's undercarriage? Did any of us foresee Kim Kardashian starring in the "Paw Patrol" movie? These questions are discussed + an interview with that one raffle guy on this week's "Why Tho?".

  • Decadent Mullets

    This week Daniel and Allison talk about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion, decadent mullets and Ellie Kemper's KKK pageant.

  • Industry

    How many peacocks does Martha Stewart have? Which Olivia is John Mulaney dating? Is Bill Gates in our bloodstreams? Dan and Allison answer these questions and even teach us the state motto on this week's Why Tho?